Energizer presenta due dispositivi rugged per condizioni estreme

Energizer presenta due dispositivi rugged per condizioni estreme
Giuseppe Tripodi
Giuseppe Tripodi

Energizer, in collaborazione con Avenir Telecom, presenta la sua linea di dispositivi rugged Hard Case: si tratta di due modelli per le condizioni estreme, che resistono ad impatti, acqua e polvere.

Il primo dei due è un feature phone chiamato Energy 200: presenta certificazione IP 67 ed è testato per resistere a cadute fino a 2 metri di altezza. Inoltre, è dual SIM e vanta (prevedibilmente) un'ottima autonomia: fino a 290 ore in standby e 20 ore di conversazione.

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Per quanto riguarda il modello smart della famiglia, si chiama Energy 500 ed è basato su Android 4.4 KitKat. Le caratteristiche di questo dispositivo includono un display HD da 5", processore quad-core da 1,3 GHz e fotocamere da 13 e 5 megapixel. La batteria è da 3.000 mAh e dovrebbe garantire fino a 500 ore di standby e 19 ore in chiamata; ovviamente, non mancano le certificazioni testimoniano la sua natura rugged, tra cui la IP68, che ci ricorda che Energy 500 può sopravvivere fino a mezz'ora di immersione ad una profondità di 2 metri.

Energy 200 e Energy 500 sono già in vendita in Italia al prezzo (rispettivamente) di circa 100€ e circa 400€: di seguito il comunicato stampa (in inglese).

ENERGIZER is revolutionising the outdoor telephone market with a new line of high-tech products.

Energizer, the world battery expert, is launching its line of Energizer Hard Case smartphones built to stand up to the most extreme conditions.

The French group Avenir Telecom that has been collaborating with the American company Energizer for 5 years on the telephone accessories market has just signed a licence agreement for the development and exclusive distribution of the Energizer Hard Case brand. The agreement includes plans to market this new line of high-tech rugged telephones throughout the world, with the exception of North America. "We are responding to the demands of some of our clients who are looking for sturdiness and performance in a mobile phone", explained Robert Schiano, deputy managing director of Avenir Telecom. “That is why we are proud to be working alongside Energizer and our goal is to be the leader on the rugged telephone market in two years.”

Impact-, water- and dust-resistant, the Energizer Hard Case mobile phones are equipped with a powerful battery that provides them with 20 hours of communication freedom.

The Energizer Hard Case line includes four models. Two mobile phones, the Energy 200 and the Energy 240, are mainly intended for professionals in the building sector, transport, supply chain and outdoor craftsmen. As for the two smartphones that complete this line, the Energy 400 and Energy 500, they are designed for extreme sportsmen who want to immortalise their achievements. The line's four robust models come with a two-year guarantee, proof of the exceptional quality of these new products.

The Energizer Hard Case line has already been marketed in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria since 1st July 2015. These countries correspond to an initial distribution phase which will be followed by the line being marketed in around thirty countries in Africa and the Middle East by

the end of the year.

Ultra-resistant rugged mobile phones: focus on the Energy 200

The ENERGY 200 spells freedom for professionals who work outdoors and in extreme conditions. With IP 67 certification, it is waterproof at a depth of 1 metre and can survive falls from a height of 2 metres. With its high-performance battery it boasts a very high level of autonomy: 290 hours in standby and 20 hours in call mode. Practical and resistant, this mobile phone uses Dual SIM technology,

Dubai, October 21st 2015

which is very handy for professional who also want to have a personal phone number on one single device.

High-technology ultra-resistant smartphones: focus on the Energy 500, the extreme modern adventurer

The keywords for the Energy 500 are sturdiness, power and technology because it meets IP 68 certification standards. That means this smartphone is both dustproof and waterproof at a depth of 2 metres for 30 minutes, and is also able to survive impacts and falls from a height of 2 metres.

The Energy 500 boasts an exceptional 3,000 mHa battery developed in collaboration with the American Energizer research teams, which provides 500 hours of autonomy in standby and 19 communication hours – a real strength for users with limited recharging opportunities. Equipped with a 5-inch HD screen and Dual SIM technology, it has a high- performance Quad Core 1.3 GHz processor that operates

with Android Kit Kat and is 3G-, Wifi- and bluetooth 4.0-compatible. It has a built-in 13-mega pixel camera and a 5-mega pixel front camera. Lastly, it is outfitted with two essential built-in features: a torch and a GPS device.

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